Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is this for real?

Somebody pinch me. I just finished watching the Cubs complete their ninth win in a row, the last seven of which have all been comebacks, helping them maintain their lead in the NL Central and their place at the top of Major League baseball. They look to have a real shot at winning 100 games this year. So far, they are having a nearly perfect season.

And I just keep wondering, when will it all end? It seems like it's bound to at some point. After all, there've been several years recently that have seen the Cubs start off hot and then fizzle partway through...although in each of those cases, that fizzling had already occurred by this point. Usually when that happens they manage to right the ship enough to stay in contention, occasionally to the end of the year, but even when they make the playoffs, it's always been by the slimmest of margins. This year though is different. Anyone looking at this season would have to conclude that the Chicago Cubs are the team to beat.

And why does this seem so strange? After all, they've won their division twice this decade--a significant feet in and of itself--including last year, making them the defending NL champs. And they improved in the off-season. Everyone expected them to be good, but if you're a Cubs fan, you don't expect them to dominate. You expect them to struggle. You expect to be disappointed.

So I'm still holding my breath, all too aware that the picture could look quite a bit different in September. But a 3rd of the way through the season, I'm willing to tentatively go on record as saying I've got a good feeling about this year--and am thoroughly enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts.

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