Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Blog

Newbie here! I'm still finding my way around this site. I've never had a blog before, and I'm a bit excited about having a place to express myself freely, without the constraints of deadlines, word counts and editorial biases. As a freelance writer, I constantly struggle to balance what I want to write with what I suspect editors want to hear. I'm looking forward to posting what I want when I want.

I've noticed a number of people here have different blogs for different topics. For now at least, I plan to stick with one blog, in which I write about anything and everything that interests me. In no particular order, that might include:
  • The idiocy of the official plans for the World Trade Center site, and the ineptness of those in charge of building it.
  • Life as a Cubs fan living in New York, and how delightful it was last fall to see my Cubbies win their division while the Yanks settled for the Wild Card and the Mets missed the playoffs completely.
  • Places I've visited, and which places I still hope to visit (i.e. any place that exists).
  • Thoughts on religion, spirituality, politics and all that other controversial stuff.
  • My recently-acquired LOST obsession (Yes, I am NYCub from IMDb and Lostpedia!)
  • Living with autism (no, we're not all Raymond Babbitts!)
  • One of my great loves--MOVIES!!
And anything else I feel like talking about. Why not? It's my blog, and here at least, I get to be my own editor.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blogging. But be warned that it's very addicting! And good luck with your travels as well. Let me know if you will be going to Ireland. Maybe I could give you a quick tour ;-).