Monday, May 12, 2008

Random things that make me smile

  • Cubs win
  • Cardinals lose
  • Finally getting my tax refund
  • Those rare occasions when something I write actually gets published
  • A letter from one of my pen-pals in my mailbox
  • Shoo-fly pie
  • Shoo-fly cake
  • Shoo-fly muffins
  • Shoo-fly cheesecake
  • Molasses cookies
  • Thinking about how the 2007 baseball season ended, with the Yankees settling for the Wild Card, the Mets not even making the playoffs, and the Cubs taking home the NL Central championship
  • Any U2 or Bon Jovi song
  • Sushi--yes, sushi!
  • "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship"
  • Walking past a cab with its windows down while printing a receipt (sounds know...)
  • Ketchup sandwiches!! (let me know if you actually get that reference!)
  • Giants win
  • Patriots lose
  • Isaiah's gone
  • Team Toxicity!
  • Being able to say that I went swimming in the Amazon River
  • Remembering the view I had flying over the Andes on a crystal-clear day
  • Belting out "Root root root for the CUBBIES" at a Cubs-Mets game at Shea...especially that Sunday night in 2004 when we outnumbered the Mutt fans
  • "You want your damn thirty dollars back? I want my kidney back!"
  • A cat climbing into my lap (sure wish I had one of my own!!
  • The March 24 cover of New York magazine
And finally---
  • "Mole-thruster!!!"

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