Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

So what really made me think I should start a blog now?? My life is utterly boring at the moment, and it speaks volumes that when I called my mom tonight, the only new piece of information I had about my life was my reaction to the latest episode of my favorite TV show. So below are just some of the thoughts that have been bouncing around my head lately, in case somebody out there actually reads this blog.

First of all, I am so sick of my job! Yes, I know you're not supposed to post negative stuff about work online, but nobody in upper management is reading this, and anyway it's not like I'm mentioning the name of the company I work for. And it's not even the company itself that's driving me crazy--it's the customers. I'm convinced there's not a service worker in America who gets paid enough to compensate for the obnoxiousness we have to put up with every freakin' day, and lately I've really been feeling like I'm at the end of my rope.

The Cubs won today. They were all but unbeatable starting off the season, but lately they've been struggling. They just lost a series in Cincinnati--against the lowly, way-below-.500 Reds--and then they come back to Chicago and beat the first place Diamondbacks. It's great that they're winning so many games at home, but their last loss dropped them to below .500 on the road, and you're not likely to win your division playing like that.

The pope was in town a couple weeks ago, and on his last day here he said a prayer at the World Trade Center. It was broadcast on TV here, and it was particularly nice to see him include in his prayers all the people who are sick because of their exposure to toxins at the site. It made me think maybe these victims aren't completely forgotten after all. The other day, the NYPD added several names to a 9/11 memorial. They were officers who have died in the past six years from illnesses they likely contracted from their work at the site.

I recently read an article in The New Yorker about driving in China. I would have been laughing till my sides hurt if I hadn't been surrounded by strangers on the subway. Some of his descriptions brought back memories of the time I spent in Lima eight years ago, a city about the size of New York that only has a handful of stoplights, where stop and one-way signs are mere suggestions.

And finally, somebody on the Lostpedia boards had the following quote in their signature, which they attribute to "an unknown LP poster": "It wasn't Ben you mole thruster, Richard was wearing eye shadow and Locke should have taken his kidney back before he toted his dead father around in that potato sack." Now, I don't know if you know who Ben is, or who Richard is, or who Locke is, or why he'd want his kidney back, or why he'd be carrying his father in a potato sack. That can all be explained. But can somebody please tell me, what the fug is a mole-thruster???

And if anybody is still reading this post, you have my sympathies.


JuliaVP said...

Oh my goodness I totally know what you mean about customer services. The other day I was out to dinner and the table next to me was being so so rude about how their water tasted. The poor waitress had to refill their glasses about 8 times. Then when my waiter brought me the wrong meal on accident and I didn't get mad at him, he looked like he was going to go into shock! It's like people feel like they have the right to be rude! I def see how that would be a not fun job!!
Doesn't it feel like sometimes life is insanely boring, and other times so much is going on! I wish it could all just even out or something...
Have a great week!

LionQueen said...

Gosh, I am so glad to hear the public is just as nasty other places and that it's not just location. Personally, I believe it is a cooperate America conjuncted residue, you know like the gunk you find on the frying pan after you finish cooking your burgers?

They say the customer is ALWAYS right, even when they're wrong. They say give the customer what he/she wants ... regardless. They say, give the customer what he/she wants NOW.

It's ridiculous.

I understand being pleasant and accommodating, but there should be a limit to the madness. A customer can pretty much call you a prostitute and if you say anything back, you're fired.

And, when you say that they should get something like their food and their prescription, their eyeglasses or whatever in record time and longer is inexcusable,then you better be prepared for mis fills and mistakes.

They put such a high performance demand and then they cut the staff required for such a demand and they expect outstanding service ... it's unreasonable!

Anyway .... how's the grandmother? I just read that too. :)

As for a ...what was that? Mole something?? Yea, I dunno what that is either.